Weekly Links #9

Top Links For 1-7/4:

  1. Learning a new technology? Start with coding a basic example. The following article explains the SPT(Simple Possible Thing) principle.
  2. There are many arguments in favor and against static methods. This post gives examples when to use static methods.
  3. When you have disagreements with other person, how do you decide if to confront with the other person? This article suggests to be picky with choosing your fights.
  4. Here are some opinions of famous people in the computer science field, with an emphasis to avoiding bugs.
  5. For those of you which are used to procrastinate things, this post explains when, why and how to avoid procrastination.
  6. The following article is written for employers, giving tips how to reduce time waste of their workers.

More Quick Refs:

  1. Interview With Satya Nadella
  2. What is the Definition of a “CSS Hack”?
  3. Cool .NET Extension Methods
  4. Top 10 Git Commands for Efficient Team Development
  5. Being tired isn’t a badge of honor
  6. C# 7 Features Previewed