Goodbye Links 4 Developers, Hello Yearn 2 Learn

I started to write this blog 3 years ago. I started a new mentality of reading and learning.  I understood that in order to become a lead developer, you should know more than others.  It can achieved by your own experience and it can be achieved by learning from the experience of others. I am grateful for all the knowledge I collected during the last years, and this blog has a significant part of it.

Today I am in a position that I can share my knowledge. Therefore(and because of other reasons mentioned here), I decided to create a new blog.  In this blog, Yearn 2 Learn,  besides of the weekly links, I am sharing my own posts, and also useful resources.

I thank you, the readers of the blog,  that you find it useful and hope you will decide to subscribe to Yearn 2 Learn. You can subscribe it by RSS and Email from the buttons on the top of each page of the new blog. As every Saturday, I am publishing an edition of  weekly links, which you may find valuable.

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