Weekly Links #140

Top 20 Links For 7-13/12

  1. When do the :hover, :focus, and :active pseudo-classes apply?
  2. An Introduction and Guide to the CSS Object Model (CSSOM)
  3. Should Developers Write Software Implementation Plans?
  4. Managing Flow and Rhythm with CSS Custom Properties
  5. Scroll an element into the center of the viewport
  6. Performance Anti-Patterns: Base64 Encoding
  7. Managing Derived State from Props in React
  8. The visibility property isn’t just about visibility
  9. A Recap of Frontend Development in 2018
  10. You Need to have a Mentor or be a Mentor
  11. Why Do React Hooks Rely on Call Order?
  12. How Does setState Know What to Do?
  13. Our learnings from adopting GraphQL
  14. Top Static Site Generators For 2019
  15. Support Driven Engineering (SDE)
  16. Build up Your Leadership Toolbox
  17. Productivity Hub Page
  18. Keep Math in the CSS
  19. All about prefetching
  20. Polymorphic Routes