Weekly Links #10

Top Links For 8-14/4:

  1. A new option on Bing search – Get code as a search result. You can also enter a code and execute it on the live code editor. Be aware that if you are outside of US,  it will be accessible to you only if you change the region to “United States – English”, on Bing’s settings.
  2. Did you have a constructor which can get an invalid input – here is the right and wrong way to validate input on constructor. My advice: avoid cases when invalid input can be entered as a parameter on the constructor. The constructor should be one of the safest places in your code and need to contain only a simple logic.
  3. Two articles from the last week about technical debts – the first has focus on how to communicate with your manager before accumulation of debts.  The second is more about how to convince the customer about the need of filling out the debts and how to do it.
  4. A nice post about bad usage of instanceof/is operator, and how to refactor it.
  5. Article about the Kanban methodology. The article is intended for usage on testing teams, but contains a lot of general information about Kanban, so it is a good resource for anyone who wants to get familiar with it.
  6. interesting distinguishing between managers and leaders on startup – characteristics, roles, etc.

More Quick Refs:

  1. Interview with Håkon Wium Lie
  2. Getting Started with React and JSX
  3. Clean Code and The Art of Exception Handling
  4. Build a Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Component in React & PeerJS
  5. How we get high availability with Elasticsearch and Ruby on Rails
  6. Would We Still Criticise Checked Exceptions, If Java had a Better try-catch Syntax?