Weekly Links #139

Top 15 Links For 30/11-6/12

  1. This year in JavaScript: 2018 in review and npm’s predictions for 2019
  2. How the Fox and the Hedgehog Can Make You a Better Developer
  3. Learn to code in 2019, get hired, and have fun along the way
  4. How to Build Faster with Reusable UI Components in React
  5. How I Migrated From WordPress to a Static Site
  6. How Does React Tell a Class from a Function?
  7. An adventure in CSS with column lists
  8. IntelliCode for TypeScript/JavaScript
  9. Release v6.0.0 · reduxjs/react-redux
  10. Ruby Memoization and Alternatives
  11. React Day Berlin 2018 Takeaways
  12. Scaling engineering organizations
  13. Going Offline First (Video Series)
  14. Why Do We Write super(props)?
  15. The State of Web Browsers