Weekly Links #109

Top 10 Links For 13-19/4

  1. Web Security for Single Page Applications: great impact with little effort
  2. getDerivedStateFromState — making complex things simpler
  3. Designing very large (JavaScript) applications
  4. 8 Useful but Not Well-Known Git Concepts
  5. 30 tips for creating great software releases
  6. Change how you perceive time
  7. AST for JavaScript developers
  8. Release v4.0.0 · reactjs/redux
  9. Oh Man, Look at Your API!
  10. Dependencies Done Right

Weekly Links #108

Top 10 Links For 6-12/4

  1. How CSS works: Parsing & painting CSS in the critical rendering path
  2. Why Constructive Discontent Is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage
  3. A tale of Webpack 4 and how to finally configure it in the right way
  4. A thorough guide to Git architecture and command line interface
  5. React’s new context API: toggle between local and global state
  6. Here are three upcoming changes to JavaScript that you’ll love
  7. How to Create a Component Library From SVG Illustrations
  8. Rails Service Objects: A Comprehensive Guide
  9. ES6 in Action: Symbols and Their Uses
  10. Compose Render Props

Weekly Links #107

Top 10 Links For 30/3-5/4

  1. Using advanced design patterns to create flexible and reusable React components (Part 1)
  2. Here are examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018
  3. Calling all web developers: here’s why you should be using Firefox
  4. Webpack 4 in production: How to make your life easier
  5. Understanding Elastic Search – How does it work?
  6. Solved With CSS! Colorizing SVG Backgrounds
  7. How to Get Yourself Out of Technical Debt
  8. Creating themeable design systems
  9. Introducing the react-testing-library
  10. Data Tables

Weekly Links #106

Top 20 Links For 23-29/3

  1. Understanding the this keyword, call, apply, and bind in JavaScript
  2. Top JavaScript VSCode Extensions for Faster Development
  3. The Future of JavaScript Frameworks Looks Very Fast
  4. These “Humble” Behaviors Are Hurting Your Credibility
  5. DevDocs is joining the freeCodeCamp community
  6. Understanding React Render Props by Example
  7. React v16.3.0: New lifecycles and context API
  8. VSCode Extensions for JavaScript developers
  9. Blogged Answers: Redux – Not Dead Yet!
  10. Elapsed time with Ruby, the right way
  11. Modern Frontend Developer in 2018
  12. ES modules: A cartoon deep-dive
  13. Where to Initialize State in React
  14. When to NOT use Render Props
  15. Update on Async Rendering
  16. git log – the Good Parts
  17. Understanding CORS
  18. Ruby Benchmarking
  19. Reading list 2017
  20. V8 release v6.6

Weekly Links #105

Top 15 Links For 16-22/3

  1. How to Add a CSS and JavaScript Sticky Menu, PLUS 7 Beautiful Examples
  2. How to NOT React: Common Anti-Patterns and Gotchas in React
  3. Cool Chrome DevTools tips and tricks you wish you knew already
  4. Check out these useful ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) tips and tricks
  5. 20 MAR Smaller Lodash bundles with Webpack and Babel
  6. 3 things that slow down and make your RSpec tests worse
  7. Check Your Database Indexes For ActiveRecord Scopes
  8. 5 very useful React tips you might have never heard of
  9. Mastering JavaScript this Keyword – Detailed Guide
  10. typeof null: investigating a classic JavaScript bug
  11. CSS: The bad bits (and how to avoid them)
  12. Getting Started With The Web MIDI API
  13. But really, what is a JavaScript mock?
  14. JSONify your Ruby Translations
  15. An IDE for React.js

Weekly Links #104

Top 10 Links For 9-15/3

  1. How JavaScript works: the rendering engine and tips to optimize its performance
  2. 17 JavaScript / node.js performance coding tips to make applications faster
  3. The Critical Path: Optimizing Load Times With the Chrome DevTools
  4. React Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to learning React.js in 2018
  5. Best practices on how to work with collections in Javascript
  6. How Great Leaders Develop Mental Toughness to Thrive
  7. How we started using Redux-Form in our Rails apps
  8. Why design systems are a single point of failure
  9. Five Key Git Concepts Explained the Hard Way
  10. Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018

Weekly Links #103

Top 10 Links For 2-8/3

  1. Render Props, React.createContext, Event Handlers, Lifecycles … But How?
  2. React/Redux Tips: Better Way to Handle Loading Flags in Your Reducers
  3. 5 Ways You Can Convince Co-Workers to Go With Your Crazy Ideas
  4. We Write CSS Like We Did in the 90s, and Yes, It’s Silly
  5. Optimal Emotional State for Maximum Performance
  6. Beyond React 16: Time Slicing and Suspense API
  7. CSS Techniques and Effects for Knockout Text
  8. Is your dev team lost in communication?
  9. Understanding React “Suspense”
  10. Useful accessibility resources