Weekly Links #128

Top 10 Links For 24-30/8

  1. Using the React DevTools Profiler to Diagnose React App Performance Issues
  2. Practical application of reverse-engineering guidelines and principles
  3. GitHub Extensions to Boost Your Productivity
  4. Create your design system, part 4: Spacing
  5. 20 Tips for Optimizing CSS Performance
  6. Javascript Fundamentals: `this` keyword
  7. Thinking About React, Atomically
  8. Rails Console Magic Tricks
  9. Security tips for rails apps
  10. Babel 7 Released

The blog and I are on vacation till the end of September. See you 🙂


Weekly Links #127

Top 10 Links For 17-23/8

  1. Web Performance Made Easy: Google I/O 2018 edition
  2. React Rally 2018: Translating React By Jennifer Wong
  3. What I learned by building my own VS Code extension
  4. The Ultimate List of JavaScript Interview Questions
  5. React Rally 2018: Simply React By Kent C. Dodds
  6. Using CSS Transforms in the Real World
  7. Statements and Expressions in Ruby
  8. The Best of “npm install -g”
  9. Why Use Microservices?
  10. Codemods

Weekly Links #125

Top 10 Links For 3-9/8

  1. Line-height Crop — a simple CSS formula to remove top space from your text
  2. How to deal with dirty side effects in your pure functional JavaScript
  3. Introduction to Redis: Installation, CLI Commands, and Data Types
  4. Using Composition and Render Props instead of Context API
  5. React’s Render Props Pattern – Children as a Function
  6. Being Aware of Initial Values in Your CSS
  7. Changing the Way Ruby Creates Objects
  8. Why it’s worth it to invest in internal docs
  9. Lessons Learned Using React-Redux
  10. Understanding static in JavaScript

Weekly Links #122

Top 10 Links For 13-19/7

  1. The Holy Grail Of Reusable Components: Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, And NPM
  2. The unexpected danger of typecasting in engineering teams
  3. When to break up a component into multiple components
  4. Bullet Journal: A Productivity System for Programmers
  5. Everything You Need to Know About Ruby Operators
  6. ESLint backdoor: what it is and how to fix the issue
  7. JavaScript fundamentals before learning React
  8. My Approach to do Unit Test in React
  9. Elastic Stack — A Brief Introduction
  10. How to get better at writing CSS