Weekly Links #47

Top 20 Links For 13-19/1

  1. Guidelines how I developed my personal skills (and helped others) by initiating a side project
  2. Styled-Components: Enforcing Best Practices In Component-Based Systems
  3. Getting to 10x (Results): What Any Developer Can Learn from the Best
  4. Essential developer tools to find bugs… before they get to production
  5. Why you should ask questions at your next tech company interview
  6. 25 Chrome Extensions, Apps, and Hacks to 2x Your Productivity
  7. 12 Advanced Google Tricks That Will Change How You Search
  8. Functional Programming Is Not What You (Probably) Think
  9. Rethinking JavaScript: Replace break by going functional
  10. Optimising your application bundle size with webpack
  11. Top 100 Newsletters for Developers and Designers
  12. Don’t Feel Bad that You Don’t Know Everything
  13. Stop now: Don’t become a dead-end developer
  14. Bash Shortcuts to Enhance Your Git Workflow
  15. Immutability in JavaScript using Redux
  16. Mastering Git — Why Rebase is amazing
  17. Book Review: The Effective Engineer
  18. Internationalizing React Apps
  19. Typing React Components
  20. React at 60fps

Weekly Links #46

Top 20 Links For 6-12/1

  1. What All Software Developers Should Know About Software Development Methodologies
  2. Practical Redux, Part 6: Connected Lists, Forms, and Performance
  3. Crafting a high-performance TV user interface using React
  4. 10 more podcasts that new coders should listen to in 2017
  5. FP vs. OO: Simplicity — Fighting complexity at all costs
  6. Master web development with these 9,985 weird tricks
  7. Understanding Flexbox: Everything you need to know
  8. What .NET Developers ought to know to start in 2017
  9. Thinking in Redux (when all you’ve known is MVC)
  10. What makes a good (Android) Software Engineer
  11. A Guide to Managing Webpack Dependencies
  12. How I stay up-to-date as a Developer
  13. Publicly Dogfooding Your Culture
  14. A Prettier JavaScript Formatter
  15. Lazy Loading Is a Code Smell
  16. Random Numbers in CSS
  17. Benefits Of Git Rebase
  18. Clean Code Principles
  19. Avoiding False Cause
  20. Git in 2016

Weekly Links #45

Top 10 Links For 30/12-5/1

  1. Idiomatic Redux: Thoughts on Thunks, Sagas, Abstraction, and Reusability
  2. Master the JavaScript Interview: What is Functional Programming?
  3. Instant form field validation with React’s controlled inputs
  4. What I’ve learnt developing a modern progressive web app
  5. Be Recklessly Confident when “Learning How to Code”
  6. Using a function in `setState` instead of an object
  7. Big update of Redux DevTools monitors
  8. PostCSS: Sass’s New Play Date
  9. React Interview Questions
  10. 2017 Tech Predictions

Weekly Links #43

Top 10 Links For 16-22/12

  1. Re-implementing ECMAScript 2015’s String.prototype.repeat() method
  2. 5 tips to help developers keep up with changing technologies
  3. Lexers, Parsers, and ASTs, OH MY!: How Ruby Executes
  4. 10 things I learned making the fastest site in the world
  5. Design Patterns: The Strategy and Factory Patterns
  6. Should test automation be left to developers?
  7. One Sure-Fire Way to Improve Your Coding
  8. Front-End Performance Checklist 2017
  9. React Elements VS React Components
  10. React “Aha” Moments