Weekly Links #51

Top 20 Links For 10-16/2

This week, there are many articles about  vanilla JavaScript –  closure meaning, functional programming in JavaScript,  the Map data structure, and array methods. More interesting posts are about configuring Webpack, drawbacks and advantages of Context in React,  and creating headers in CSS that are not rectangular.
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Weekly Links #50

Top 20 Links For 3-9/2

On this 50th edition of weekly links, there are 2 inspiring stories about creative projects –  one about analyzing Trump’s tweets in order to find out companies we should invest in, and the second  sends you an email when you need to take an umbrella with you .  In addition, there are many useful React articles about reuse, testing, React Native and reconciliation. Also, there are 2 posts about VS Code which is a cool editor which I try out now.
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Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow I will publish the 50th post of “Links of the week”, and it will be also exactly a year since I published my first post.

Personally, I had a significant year when I changed my workplace, and became familiar with web development.

During this year, I learned many languages / technologies / frameworks / tools / concepts that most of them were totally new for me:

JavaScript, CSS, React, Redux, Functional Programming, GIT, NPM, Sublime text, OS X,  and there are more.

It was challenging to learn all these things together. I must thank my colleagues(and my brain…) that helped me to get quickly into business.

One major aspect for my rapid development, was reading blogs and being updated with new stuff and what the experts say.

Learning new technologies by your work code base / courses for beginners, is great for start, but you cannot give much added value this way. You will only know what your friends know or less. Reading blogs and listening to podcasts, is definitely making you a better professional.

I don’t read blogs because I have to, or I want to prove something to anyone.

I read blogs because I have a passion for what I am doing.

I read blogs because it makes me smarter.

I read blogs because I want to constantly improve.


KDY(Keep Develop Yourself),







Weekly Links #49

Top 20 Links For 27/1-2/2

On this weekly list, there are articles with a lot of resources for web developers, android developers and designers. Moreover, webpack 2 is out and brings new interesting features, and Airbnb introduces a new animation library named Lottie. On the soft skills area, there is a post about why we should not use the term “soft skills”… and more posts about 1:1 meetings and time management.
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Weekly Links #48

Top 20 Links For 20-26/1

  1. Effective Functional JavaScript: First-class and Higher Order Functions
  2. If You Do These Things Every Day, You’ll Become Smarter
  3. JavaScript’s Prototypal Inheritance Explained Using CSS
  4. Optimizing the Performance of Your React Application
  5. Functional Programming in Java 8 (Part 0): Motivation
  6. JavaScript Array Methods: Mutating vs. Non-Mutating
  7. Practical Redux, Part 8: Form Draft Data Management
  8. Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Promise?
  9. Refactoring React – Extracting Layout Components
  10. Multi-threading in C#: Back to Basics (Part 1 of N)
  11. Webpack Tutorial: Understanding How it Works
  12. A better way to interview software engineers
  13. Finding your way from maker to manager
  14. A 5-minute Intro to Styled Components
  15. Testing React Applications with Jest
  16. Role based authorization in React
  17. 6 Tips for Taking Feedback Well
  18. CSS Selectors: Pseudo-elements
  19. Handling Events in React 101
  20. React 15.5 and 16 Umbrella

Weekly Links #47

Top 20 Links For 13-19/1

  1. Guidelines how I developed my personal skills (and helped others) by initiating a side project
  2. Styled-Components: Enforcing Best Practices In Component-Based Systems
  3. Getting to 10x (Results): What Any Developer Can Learn from the Best
  4. Essential developer tools to find bugs… before they get to production
  5. Why you should ask questions at your next tech company interview
  6. 25 Chrome Extensions, Apps, and Hacks to 2x Your Productivity
  7. 12 Advanced Google Tricks That Will Change How You Search
  8. Functional Programming Is Not What You (Probably) Think
  9. Rethinking JavaScript: Replace break by going functional
  10. Optimising your application bundle size with webpack
  11. Top 100 Newsletters for Developers and Designers
  12. Don’t Feel Bad that You Don’t Know Everything
  13. Stop now: Don’t become a dead-end developer
  14. Bash Shortcuts to Enhance Your Git Workflow
  15. Immutability in JavaScript using Redux
  16. Mastering Git — Why Rebase is amazing
  17. Book Review: The Effective Engineer
  18. Internationalizing React Apps
  19. Typing React Components
  20. React at 60fps

Weekly Links #46

Top 20 Links For 6-12/1

  1. What All Software Developers Should Know About Software Development Methodologies
  2. Practical Redux, Part 6: Connected Lists, Forms, and Performance
  3. Crafting a high-performance TV user interface using React
  4. 10 more podcasts that new coders should listen to in 2017
  5. FP vs. OO: Simplicity — Fighting complexity at all costs
  6. Master web development with these 9,985 weird tricks
  7. Understanding Flexbox: Everything you need to know
  8. What .NET Developers ought to know to start in 2017
  9. Thinking in Redux (when all you’ve known is MVC)
  10. What makes a good (Android) Software Engineer
  11. A Guide to Managing Webpack Dependencies
  12. How I stay up-to-date as a Developer
  13. Publicly Dogfooding Your Culture
  14. A Prettier JavaScript Formatter
  15. Lazy Loading Is a Code Smell
  16. Random Numbers in CSS
  17. Benefits Of Git Rebase
  18. Clean Code Principles
  19. Avoiding False Cause
  20. Git in 2016