Weekly Links #90

Top 20 Links For 1-7/12

  1. Announcing Parcel: A blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler
  2. Create a React app with zero configuration using Parcel
  3. Demystifying Memory Usage using ES6 React Classes
  4. Webpack: A Gentle Introduction to the Module Bundler
  5. How to build your future tech career in 5 simple steps
  6. Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns
  7. A different way of understanding this in JavaScript
  8. React Performance Fixes on Airbnb Listing Pages
  9. A Look Back at the State of JavaScript in 2017
  10. Evil Front Part 1: Modern Front-end in Rails
  11. Work Smaller (Even If It Makes No Sense)
  12. A recap of front-end development in 2017
  13. GraphQL vs. REST – A GraphQL Tutorial
  14. A first look: do expressions in JavaScript
  15. JavaScript — What are Tag Functions?
  16. Humpty Dumpty and Programming
  17. await vs return vs return await
  18. Keeping your code clean
  19. Relearning to Learn
  20. Animating Border

Weekly Links #89

Top 15 Links For 24-30/11

  1. Debugging React performance with React 16 and Chrome Devtools
  2. How to download embedded videos with F12 Tools in your browser
  3. JavaScript Performance Optimization Tips: An Overview
  4. An Introduction to Speculative Optimization in V8
  5. My approach to using Git, without the headaches
  6. React v16.2.0: Improved Support for Fragments
  7. The most unknown redux performance trick
  8. Better Date Format with <time> Element
  9. Chrome DevTools- Performance monitor
  10. Immutable Updates in React and Redux
  11. Managers, screw the Golden Rule
  12. JavaScript hacks for ES6 hipsters
  13. Introducing React Food Truck
  14. Why <blank> Gets You Root
  15. Flexible Overflow

Weekly Links #88

Top 15 Links For 17-23/11

  1. Why we have banned default exports in Javascript and you should do the same
  2. Test-driven React.js Development: React.js Unit Testing with Enzyme and Jest
  3. React Developer’s Everyday Struggle — Extending Big Applications
  4. Get Work Done: Strategies for Getting More Efficient and Finishing
  5. An Introduction to Regular Expressions (Regex) In JavaScript
  6. Ditch for loops. Here is a case study to convince you
  7. How to greatly improve your React app performance
  8. Understanding Default Parameters in Javascript
  9. You don’t need to know “Dependency Injection”
  10. How I Hacked 40 Websites in 7 minutes
  11. Thoughts and learning from ffconf 2017
  12. New in Firefox 58: Developer Edition
  13. Namespacing Actions for Redux
  14. Introducing Team discussions
  15. How to Disable Links

Weekly Links #87

Top 20 Links For 10-16/11

  1. Robust React User Interfaces with Finite State Machines
  2. Easy JavaScript Part 7 : Object Property Descriptors
  3. Using CSS Grid: Supporting Browsers Without Grid
  4. Introducing the New Firefox: Firefox Quantum
  5. Adapting JavaScript Abstractions Over Time
  6. Introducing Nullable Reference Types in C#
  7. All You Need To Know About CSS-in-JS
  8. Performance-tuning a React application
  9. React Pattern: Centralized PropTypes
  10. Currying is not idiomatic in JavaScript
  11. Introducing Visual Studio Live Share
  12. JavaScript. The Core: 2nd Edition
  13. Refactoring with Hash Defaults
  14. Announcing CodeSandbox 2.0
  15. Getting started with React 16
  16. Brilliant Jerks in Engineering
  17. Feedback That Gives Focus
  18. The Cost Of JavaScript
  19. WTF is a Source Map
  20. Let the code speak!

Weekly Links #85

Top 20 Links For 27/10-2/11

  1. Web Typography: Designing Tables to be Read, Not Looked At
  2. Netflix functions without client-side React, and it’s a good thing
  3. What’s the difference between JavaScript and ECMAScript?
  4. There’s a human on the other side of your code review
  5. 2 cases where Babel fixes your code but it shouldn’t
  6. Why we’re (slowly) migrating to Styled Components
  7. Storybook vs. Styleguidist for a component library
  8. Emulating CSS Timing Functions with JavaScript
  9. How to auto bind props by using React element
  10. Fun with Single-Element CSS Spinner
  11. 3 frameworks for managing deadlines
  12. Avoiding the productivity mouse-traps
  13. React Call Return — What and Why
  14. How to debug Front-end: Console
  15. Tracing method calls via Proxies
  16. The cure for Javascript fatigue
  17. Thunks in Redux: The Basics
  18. Testing React components
  19. Effective Snapshot Testing
  20. Simple React Patterns

Weekly Links #84

Top 20 Links For 20-26/10

  1. How to give rendering control to users with prop getters
  2. Clean Code: Why HTML/CSS Essentials Still Matter
  3. Some Best Practices For Rolling Out New Software
  4. Replacing Mocks With Hand-Written Test Doubles
  5. How We Started Sharing Components as a Team
  6. HTML Web Component using Vanilla JavaScript
  7. Debugging React Like a Champ with VSCode
  8. Do more from your inbox with Gmail Add-ons
  9. Integrating React in a 6+ Year Old Rails App
  10. Why We Use Styled Components at Decisiv
  11. React animation example and how it works
  12. Screen sharing in Slack, made interactive
  13. create-component-app v1 is out now
  14. My approach to using z-index
  15. 10 new features in Ruby 2.5
  16. Mocking is a Code Smell
  17. Code Review Etiquette
  18. The Output Element
  19. Coding with Clarity
  20. Success with CSS