Weekly Links #97

Top 20 Links For 19-25/1

  1. Now You See Me: How To Defer, Lazy-Load And Act With IntersectionObserver
  2. A perfect guide for cracking a JavaScript interview (A developer’s perspective)
  3. You Can’t Save Everyone: Some Exceptions Should Be Left Alone
  4. Learn Plain JavaScript from Top Articles for the Past Year (v.2018)
  5. A quick Guide to Styled Components with interactive Examples
  6. 3 Performance Tips to Speed Up Your React Applications
  7. Answers to common questions about render props
  8. Career Structure. It doesn’t matter. Until it matters.
  9. Why I changed the way I think about Code Quality
  10. Efficient Data Transformations Using Transducers
  11. Extract conditionals into well-named methods
  12. The Mistake You Make in Every Argument
  13. How to build your own React boilerplate
  14. Debugging your front-end like it’s 2019
  15. Ruby String Methods (Ultimate Guide)
  16. The 2018 Web Developer Roadmap
  17. CORS — Story of requesting twice
  18. Webpack 4 beta — try it today!
  19. Deep-copying in JavaScript
  20. PickleJS — Closures

Weekly Links #96

Top 15 Links For 12-18/1

  1. May Cause Side Effects: How to Implement Redux Sagas as Middleware
  2. CSS Naming Conventions that Will Save You Hours of Debugging
  3. Keep webpack Fast: A Field Guide for Better Build Performance
  4. How Big Is That Box? Understanding Sizing In CSS Layout
  5. Stop Making Your Components Able to Do Everything
  6. How to use Webpack with React: an in-depth tutorial
  7. The Savvy Developer’s Guide to Resilience
  8. What to do after the React/Redux tutorials
  9. Boost your React with State Machines
  10. Dragging React performance forward
  11. React.js Frequently Faced Problems
  12. CSS Grid + CSS Multi-Columns = ♥
  13. URL Parameters with React Router
  14. On being an Engineering Manager
  15. Rethinking with React 16

Weekly Links #95

Top 15 Links For 5-11/1

  1. I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.
  2. Small Tweaks That Can Make a Huge Impact on Your Website’s Accessibility
  3. From 200K lines of CoffeeScript to zero: making decaffeinate super-stable
  4. Server Rendering, Code Splitting, and Lazy Loading with React Router v4
  5. 27 Amazing Web Development Tools for the Past Year (v.2018)
  6. The constructor is dead, long live the constructor!
  7. Designing Friction For A Better User Experience
  8. Introducing Immer: Immutability the easy way
  9. React Router v4: Philosophy and Introduction
  10. React, Redux and JavaScript Architecture
  11. Adapting Your Code to ESNext Patterns
  12. This is not the DRY you are looking for
  13. Visual Studio Code Can Do That?
  14. Demystifying CSS alignment
  15. Dynamic Redux Reducers

Weekly Links #94

Top 10 Links For 29/12-4/1

  1. Lessons learned testing React & Redux apps with Jest and Enzyme
  2. Gatsby.js: How to set up and use the React Static Site Generator
  3. How to write highly readable React code — 10 coding style tips
  4. Reuse code with domain-specific steps in collection pipelines
  5. Getting Started with Web Accessibility in React
  6. The Top 66 Developer Resources From 2017
  7. Front-End Performance Checklist 2018
  8. Track the progress of your projects
  9. Upgrading DriveTribe to React 16
  10. JS things I never knew existed

Weekly Links #92

Top 20 Links For 15-21/12

  1. Everything You Need To Know About Parcel: The Blazing Fast Web App Bundler
  2. I just asked 23,000 developers what they think of JavaScript. Here’s what I learned
  3. The global `Reflect` object, its use cases and things to watch out for
  4. How to get create-react-app to work with a Node.js back-end API
  5. The silver bullet of collection pipelines: Functional composition
  6. Behind the Scenes: Improving the Repository Infrastructure
  7. How “Controllable” React components maximize reusability
  8. Effective testing of styled-components with Jest Snapshots
  9. Learning to embrace conflict as a part of startup culture
  10. Shining a Spotlight on Error Boundaries in React 16
  11. Integrating imperative APIs into a React application
  12. Favor Readable Code Over Idiomatic Code
  13. Jest 22: Refinements & Custom Runners
  14. Building a Reactjs project with Parceljs
  15. Announcing the Postman API Network
  16. Frontend in 2017: The important parts
  17. Breaking Down the Performance API
  18. Designing Tables for Reusability
  19. 5 GitHub tips for new coders
  20. CSS Animations explained

Weekly Links #91

Top 15 Links For 8-14/12

  1. Revisiting use of React’s Component Life Cycle Hooks in Anticipation of Async Rendering
  2. A user encounters a JavaScript error. You’ll never guess what happens next!!
  3. A Complete Firebase in React Authentication Tutorial
  4. Finally understand Redux by building your own Store
  5. ES8 (or ES 2017) – What’s New in JavaScript?
  6. The ultimate CSS battle: Grid vs Flexbox
  7. Demystifying chaining in Javascript
  8. JavaScript Execution Context
  9. Testing React Components
  10. CSS Transitions explained
  11. Ruby 2.5 added yield_self
  12. JavaScript code coverage
  13. Atomic Design with React
  14. Todo lists: The right way
  15. Parcel vs webpack