Weekly Links #70

Top 20 Links For 23-29/6

  1. How to use Memoize to cache JavaScript function results and speed up your code
  2. Designing More Efficient Forms: Structure, Inputs, Labels And Actions
  3. Angular vs. React: Which Is Better for Web Development?
  4. Form Validation Part 1: Constraint Validation in HTML
  5. 7 lesser known hacks for debugging in Visual Studio
  6. TC39, ECMAScript, and the Future of JavaScript
  7. Cheat to Win: Learn React with Copywork
  8. How code splitting increases performance
  9. Understanding JavaScript: This Keyword
  10. Building Size-Aware React Components
  11. Smooth scroll & sticky navigation (#2/3)
  12. How To Manage UI State With Redux
  13. Get the Most out of Git Aliases
  14. Hyperproductive development
  15. Imposter Syndrome (part 2)
  16. Announcing TypeScript 2.4
  17. Styled-Components in Action
  18. The Future of CodeSandbox
  19. How to Interview Engineers
  20. GraphQL vs. REST

Weekly Links #69

Top 20 Links For 16-22/6

  1. The Best Way to Learn Development Skills (While Getting Paid in the Process)
  2. What is Pair Programming? Advantages, Challenges, Tutorials & More
  3. Rails 5.1 has dropped dependency on jQuery from the default stack
  4. What Does a Well-Documented CSS Codebase Look Like?
  5. Build your first server-side rendered React app with Rails
  6. Creating truly universal React component systems
  7. Techniques for decomposing React components
  8. Picking Jest over Mocha – testing tools comparison
  9. To be a Good Manager, Always Start with Yourself
  10. TypeScript Tutorial – An Introductory 9 Part Guide
  11. How to setup a project without Create React App
  12. Handling Long and Unexpected Content in CSS
  13. What can developers learn from being on call?
  14. Avoiding deeply nested component trees
  15. Machine Learning with JavaScript : Part 1
  16. webpack 3: Official Release!!
  17. Why Delete Old Git Branches?
  18. Let’s explore ES6 Generators
  19. Imposter syndrome (part 1)
  20. Staying Motivated

Weekly Links #68

Top 20 Links For 9-15/6

  1. Mastering Chrome Developer Tools: Next Level Front-End Development Techniques
  2. Our 500+ engineers all use this front end development guide
  3. Unlocking Test Performance — Migrating from Mocha to Jest
  4. How I Designed & Built a Fullstack JavaScript Trello Clone
  5. Keeping Your Skills Up to Date as a Software Developer
  6. A Practical Guide to CSS Variables (Custom Properties)
  7. 150+ Educational Websites For Lifelong Learners
  8. How to become a more productive React Developer
  9. Why you should manage your energy, not your time
  10. Eight CSS Tips for Advanced Layouts and Effects
  11. Do You Have ‘Self-Taught’ Imposter Syndrome?
  12. Five ES6 features to make your life easier
  13. Reducing our Redux code with React Apollo
  14. 5 ways we improved our React Native app
  15. 7 ways to evaluate gems, and 1 crazy idea
  16. Results of the Ultimate CSS Survey 2017
  17. Recreating the Chrome Console in React
  18. 8 Things You Didn’t Know About WiFi
  19. ESLint v4.0.0 released
  20. React v15.6.0

Weekly Links #67

Top 20 Links For 2-8/6

  1. How to stop errors before they ever hit your codebase with Travis CI and ESLint
  2. JavaScript: What the heck is an Immediately-Invoked Function Expression?
  3. Javascript Power Tools Part III: Real-World Redux-Saga Patterns
  4. UX Writing: How to do it like Google with this powerful checklist
  5. The New Chrome DevTool Feature You Want to Know About
  6. Pomodoro Technique – the Good, the Bad and the Tomato
  7. Better Together: The Benefits of Pair Programming
  8. Classes, Complexity, and Functional Programming
  9. How to get the most out of the JavaScript console
  10. React State vs. Redux State: When and Why?
  11. Infinite Scroll in React – Build a powerful Component (Part II)
  12. Embracing the power of styled-components
  13. Recovering from a Mission Critical Whiff
  14. 5 Subtle Secrets Of Effective Leaders
  15. Part 1: A Dive into ruby’s rack!
  16. Characteristics of Good APIs
  17. Adopting Flow & TypeScript
  18. Intro to Firebase and React
  19. Applied Rails: Gems I Use
  20. You Are Not Google

Weekly Links #66

Top 20 Links For 26/5-1/6

  1. Google not, learn not: why searching can sometimes be better than knowing
  2. Efficient React Components: A Guide to Optimizing React Performance
  3. Designing More Efficient Forms: Structure, Inputs, Labels And Actions
  4. Cross Stitching: Elegant Concurrency Patterns for JavaScript
  5. To Comment or Not to Comment? That is the Coder’s Question
  6. Into the Great Unknown — Migrating from Mocha to Jest
  7. How To Retain User Engagement After Website Redesign
  8. Integrating Mixpanel into a React and Redux application
  9. Progressive Web Application Using React – Part Three
  10. How to get an error overlay with React Hot Loader
  11. Redux vs MobX: Which Is Best for Your Project?
  12. 11 things I learned reading the flexbox spec
  13. Understanding Higher Order Components
  14. Design principle: Error & Forgiveness
  15. Javascript Classes v. Closures (2/3)
  16. Using React Inside Your Rails Apps
  17. Not your Grandma’s Postman
  18. Announcing Storybook 3.0
  19. Top 5 Recompose HOCs
  20. Atom Productivity Tips

Weekly Links #65

Top 20 Links For 19-25/5

  1. Announcing styled-components v2: A smaller, faster drop-in upgrade with even more features
  2. Considering When To Throw Errors, Why To Chain Them, And How To Report Them To Users
  3. Introducing GitHub Marketplace and more tools to customize your workflow
  4. json-api-normalizer: An Easy Way To Integrate The JSON API And Redux
  5. What Is Event Bubbling in JavaScript? Event Propagation Explained
  6. How to deploy a live ReactJS/Redux website in under 10 minutes
  7. 5 Pry Features Every Ruby Developer Should Know
  8. Building APIs with Ruby on Rails and GraphQL
  9. What I’ve learned from React Europe 2017
  10. Rebuilding Slack’s Emoji Picker in React
  11. What’s new in Google I/O 17 Keynote?
  12. Optimizing React Rendering (Part 1)
  13. JavaScript & The spread operator
  14. Little Things I Like to Do with Git
  15. The Ruby Module Builder Pattern
  16. Make small React components
  17. A Unified Styling Language
  18. Stuff at the Top of an SVG
  19. React Forms: Using Refs
  20. Npm v5.0.0 released

Weekly Links #64

Top 20 Links For 12-18/5

  1. A practical guide to fetch(), reduce() and formatting data from an external API
  2. Everything you need to know about the WannaCry / Wcry / WannaCrypt ransomware
  3. A Walkthrough of CSS Length Units You Can Use for Font Size
  4. 11 ways to get feedback from your most introverted employee
  5. 4 frequent objections to side projects and my answer
  6. How to Set the Technical Direction for Your Team
  7. Object Oriented Tricks: #6 SLAP your functions
  8. Kotlin on Android — Now Official By Google
  9. Enforcing CSS Syntax Style (and more!)
  10. How to keep up to date as a C# developer
  11. Git and GitHub Integration comes to Atom
  12. 3 ways to reduce webpack bundle size
  13. Don’t Use Objects as Hash Keys in Ruby
  14. Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend
  15. What’s New in Create React App
  16. A Better Way to Compare Yourself
  17. Web Developer Security Checklist
  18. WanaCrypt0r Ransomworm
  19. Revisiting SOLID principles
  20. React-Europe 2017