Weekly Links #114

Top 10 Links For 18-24/5

  1. Increase performance of your Angular, React and Gatsby Apps with Guess.js
  2. Creating The Feature Queries Manager DevTools Extension
  3. Algorithms and Data Structures in JavaScript
  4. Should You Chain or Extend CSS Classes?
  5. React v16.4.0: Pointer Events
  6. CSS: :before and :after
  7. React Europe 2018
  8. All Things React
  9. GDPR Hysteria
  10. Prop Drilling

Weekly Links #113

Top 10 Links For 11-17/5

  1. How Building a Platform Changed my Career as a Programmer
  2. Why should we care about containers for development
  3. The Perils of Using a Common Redux Anti-Pattern
  4. Error handling in React 16 using Error Boundaries
  5. 3 easy steps to writing compound components
  6. A Strategy Guide To CSS Custom Properties
  7. React 16 — What can it do for you? — Part 2
  8. Fear and Loathing in Legacy Code
  9. Helping Teams Get Started
  10. Storybook vs Styleguidist

Weekly Links #112

Top 15 Links For 4-10/5

  1. Introducing the Checks API, a better way to connect integrations and code
  2. How to build sturdy React apps with TDD and the React Testing Library
  3. Building a custom dropdown menu component for React
  4. The 10 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2018
  5. The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 – Results
  6. Testing Button Click in React with Jest
  7. Stack Overflow Teams Now Available
  8. How we make decisions at Coinbase
  9. Inspecting Animations in DevTools
  10. Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency
  11. 10 CLI Tools that You Will Love
  12. Styling buttons, the right way
  13. Mixing Component Patterns
  14. You Don’t Need If/Else
  15. Unicode in JavaScript

Weekly Links #111

Top 10 Links For 27/4-3/5

  1. Capture and Report JavaScript Errors with window.onerror
  2. Use Hash#fetch when using Rails params in controllers
  3. React Context in the World of Component Composition
  4. How To Get Your Coworker To Agree With You
  5. A guide to JavaScript Regular Expressions
  6. Building a UI Component Design System
  7. 7 Tricks for Improving CSS Performance
  8. Display: Contents Is Not a CSS Reset
  9. The Three Levels of Self-Awareness
  10. Solved With CSS! Dropdown Menus

Weekly Links #108

Top 10 Links For 6-12/4

  1. How CSS works: Parsing & painting CSS in the critical rendering path
  2. Why Constructive Discontent Is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage
  3. A tale of Webpack 4 and how to finally configure it in the right way
  4. A thorough guide to Git architecture and command line interface
  5. React’s new context API: toggle between local and global state
  6. Here are three upcoming changes to JavaScript that you’ll love
  7. How to Create a Component Library From SVG Illustrations
  8. Rails Service Objects: A Comprehensive Guide
  9. ES6 in Action: Symbols and Their Uses
  10. Compose Render Props