Weekly Links #129

Top 30 Links For 31/8-29/9

In the past month, I celebrated my 30th birthday.

In this special post, I will publish 30 links from the past 30 days, which are divided to technical/non-technical sections.



  1. Bash from scratch: learn enough bash to write your own scripts
  2. Differences Between #nil?, #empty?, #blank?, and #present?
  3. React conference and meetup videos from 2018 (Q1)
  4. How browser rendering works — behind the scenes
  5. Understanding JavaScript’s Prototypal Inheritance
  6. 5 Tips to Write Better Conditionals in JavaScript
  7. Create your design system, part 6: Buttons
  8. Flexbox: How Big Is That Flexible Box?
  9. A tour of JavaScript timers on the web
  10. Make Impossible States Impossible
  11. Introducing the React Profiler
  12. Debugging Ruby in VS Code
  13. Do You Really Know CORS?
  14. What is Modular CSS?
  15. Idle Until Urgent


  1. How to Become a Better Software Developer: A Handbook on Personal Performance
  2. Focus and Deep Work — Your Secret Weapons to Becoming a 10X Developer
  3. Engineering decision model: messy opinions, neat ownership
  4. Cargo Cult Programming – The Daily Software Anti-Pattern
  5. Building a Great Engineering Team: Part Four – Retention
  6. Personal Kanban Part 1 — Why Todo-Lists don‘t work
  7. Lessons Learned by Mentoring Programmers
  8. GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio Code
  9. How to understand any programming task
  10. Notes to Myself on Software Engineering
  11. Focus on productivity, not efficiency
  12. How to teach yourself hard things
  13. How to be a True Autodidact
  14. The Lies We Tell Ourselves
  15. How I am so productive