Weekly Links #119

Top 15 Links For 22-28/6

  1. Immensely upgrade your development environment with these Visual Studio Code extensions
  2. What Newsletters Should Designers And Developers Be Subscribing To?
  3. Ruby’s Powerful Method Arguments & How To Use Them Correctly
  4. Fullstack React’s Guide to using Refs in React Components
  5. Web Caching Explained by Buying Milk at the Supermarket
  6. Updating UIs: value comparison VS mutation tracking
  7. On Consuming (and Publishing) ES2015+ Packages
  8. Writing great proposals to speed up decisions
  9. The case against React snapshot testing
  10. Building browser extensions with React
  11. Headless User Interface Components
  12. How to get CSS values in JavaScript
  13. Git Reset, Revert and Checkout
  14. 6 Git Aha Moments
  15. Balancing Time