Weekly Links #112

Top 15 Links For 4-10/5

  1. Introducing the Checks API, a better way to connect integrations and code
  2. How to build sturdy React apps with TDD and the React Testing Library
  3. Building a custom dropdown menu component for React
  4. The 10 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2018
  5. The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 – Results
  6. Testing Button Click in React with Jest
  7. Stack Overflow Teams Now Available
  8. How we make decisions at Coinbase
  9. Inspecting Animations in DevTools
  10. Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency
  11. 10 CLI Tools that You Will Love
  12. Styling buttons, the right way
  13. Mixing Component Patterns
  14. You Don’t Need If/Else
  15. Unicode in JavaScript