Weekly Links #77

Top 20 Links For 11-17/8

  1. React Performance Anti-Pattern: Creating Functions in render()
  2. Create React App: Customize Webpack Config Without Ejecting
  3. Beyond typeof and instanceof: simplifying dynamic type checks
  4. Multiple Perspectives On Technical Problems and Solutions
  5. Investigating Performance of Object#toString in ES2015
  6. Javascript ES6 — Exploring the New Built-In Methods
  7. Things Everyone Forgets Before Committing Code
  8. Designing The Perfect Feature Comparison Table
  9. Sass Functions to Kick-Start Your Style Sheets
  10. 3 creative techniques for writing modular code
  11. Async/Await Will Make Your Code Simpler
  12. How to integrate React into an existing app?
  13. Understanding the JavaScript For…of Loop
  14. When should I use Arrow Functions?
  15. Small Functions considered Harmful
  16. Should I use a boilerplate for React?
  17. Introducing Javascript ES6 Proxies
  18. Why We’re Betting on GraphQL
  19. Folding Promises in JavaScript
  20. Mastering console.log()