Weekly Links #76

Top 20 Links For 4-10/8

  1. Why striving for perfection might be holding you back as a newbie web developer
  2. How to use Presentational/Container components in a Redux app
  3. The 9 Worst Pieces of Advice for 1:1s (and what to do instead)
  4. The 3 types of bullshit feedback — and what to do about them
  5. How to Evaluate Software Quality from the Outside In
  6. How to build your personal brand as a new developer
  7. The Best Way to Implement a “Wrapper” in CSS
  8. JavaScript Design Patterns: The Observer Pattern
  9. Figuring out how to contribute to open source
  10. Is JSX still relevant? Are there other options?
  11. Pulling Your Team Through a Project Crunch
  12. Passing data between Promise callbacks
  13. JavaScript for People Who Hate JavaScript
  14. Learning From the Feynman Technique
  15. Composable Datatypes with Functions
  16. CSS Inheritance: An Introduction
  17. Evolution of a Software Engineer
  18. WebAssembly: A New Hope
  19. React Animations in Depth
  20. All About React Router 4