Weekly Links #71

Top 20 Links For 30/6-6/7

  1. The Only Time You Are Actually Growing is When You’re Uncomfortable
  2. 10 Common Data Structures Explained with Videos + Exercises
  3. React Pattern: Extract Child Components to Avoid Binding
  4. Redux From Scratch (Chapter 1 | Core Concepts)
  5. How to move up from being good to being great?
  6. Designing The Perfect Date And Time Picker
  7. Async operations in React Redux applications
  8. Domain-Driven File Structuring -React/Redux
  9. What’s the Deal with Collapsible Margins?
  10. Code your own combineReducers
  11. Some Thoughts On Forms in React
  12. When Should We Ignore Criticism?
  13. Blogging for Software Developers
  14. Why aren’t you using Prettier?
  15. Why We Chose Typescript
  16. Code Review Horror Stories
  17. Essentialism for developers
  18. How AI differs from ML
  19. Give a little, get a lot.
  20. CSS is Awesome