Weekly Links #69

Top 20 Links For 16-22/6

  1. The Best Way to Learn Development Skills (While Getting Paid in the Process)
  2. What is Pair Programming? Advantages, Challenges, Tutorials & More
  3. Rails 5.1 has dropped dependency on jQuery from the default stack
  4. What Does a Well-Documented CSS Codebase Look Like?
  5. Build your first server-side rendered React app with Rails
  6. Creating truly universal React component systems
  7. Techniques for decomposing React components
  8. Picking Jest over Mocha – testing tools comparison
  9. To be a Good Manager, Always Start with Yourself
  10. TypeScript Tutorial – An Introductory 9 Part Guide
  11. How to setup a project without Create React App
  12. Handling Long and Unexpected Content in CSS
  13. What can developers learn from being on call?
  14. Avoiding deeply nested component trees
  15. Machine Learning with JavaScript : Part 1
  16. webpack 3: Official Release!!
  17. Why Delete Old Git Branches?
  18. Let’s explore ES6 Generators
  19. Imposter syndrome (part 1)
  20. Staying Motivated