Weekly Links #67

Top 20 Links For 2-8/6

  1. How to stop errors before they ever hit your codebase with Travis CI and ESLint
  2. JavaScript: What the heck is an Immediately-Invoked Function Expression?
  3. Javascript Power Tools Part III: Real-World Redux-Saga Patterns
  4. UX Writing: How to do it like Google with this powerful checklist
  5. The New Chrome DevTool Feature You Want to Know About
  6. Pomodoro Technique – the Good, the Bad and the Tomato
  7. Better Together: The Benefits of Pair Programming
  8. Classes, Complexity, and Functional Programming
  9. How to get the most out of the JavaScript console
  10. React State vs. Redux State: When and Why?
  11. Infinite Scroll in React – Build a powerful Component (Part II)
  12. Embracing the power of styled-components
  13. Recovering from a Mission Critical Whiff
  14. 5 Subtle Secrets Of Effective Leaders
  15. Part 1: A Dive into ruby’s rack!
  16. Characteristics of Good APIs
  17. Adopting Flow & TypeScript
  18. Intro to Firebase and React
  19. Applied Rails: Gems I Use
  20. You Are Not Google