Weekly Links #63

Top 20 Links For 5-11/5

Highlighted articles from this week:

  1. 2 First parts from “The Tao of Redux” series from Martin Erikson, one of Redux’s maintainers.
  2. New Webpack CLI tool, for configuring Webpack definitions through the command line.
  3. Introduction for using the new “Prepack” tool.
  4. Tips and examples for designing data tables.
  5. Great collection of command-line tools.

The full list:

  1. Idiomatic Redux: The Tao of Redux, Part 1 – Implementation and Intent
  2. Idiomatic Redux: The Tao of Redux, Part 2 – Practice and Philosophy
  3. How to build complex user interfaces without going completely insane
  4. Facebook’s Prepack — The Next Killer In The JavaScript Zone
  5. 12 New Extensions for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017
  6. Understanding Node.js Event-Driven Architecture
  7. JavaScript For Beginners: the ‘new’ operator
  8. 10 Tips on How to be a Great Programmer
  9. Use linters for errors, formatters to fix style
  10. How to Think About HTTP Status Codes
  11. How To Develop Unlimited Willpower
  12. Announcing the new webpack CLI
  13. Most Useful Command Line Tools
  14. Top Visual Studio Code Extensions
  15. Introducing Stack Overflow Trends
  16. Higher-order functions in Lodash
  17. Design Better Data Tables
  18. Gumption Traps: Bad Code
  19. Git 2.13 has been released
  20. Plan Your Commits