Weekly Links #59

Top 20 Links For 7-13/4

Highlighted articles from this week:

  1. ReactXP – New library of Microsoft, based on React, for building cross-platform applications.
  2. Performance tips for web applications, including optimizations on React and Redux.
  3. Introduction to GraphQL, including links for a lot of resources and tools.
  4. Great collection of tips of debugging front-end of web applications.
  5. New library, Historian, for better searching on your shell history.
  6. Details about the new version of React – 15.5.0.

The full list:

  1. My giant JavaScript Basics course is now live on YouTube. And it’s 100% free.
  2. Twitter Lite and High Performance React Progressive Web Apps at Scale
  3. Building Tesla’s Battery Range Calculator with React (Part 3: CSS Animation)
  4. Building Tesla’s Battery Range Calculator with React (Part 2: Redux version)
  5. Historian: Because Please, Stop Deleting My Bash History
  6. Which Java Logging Framework Has the Best Performance?
  7. So what’s this GraphQL thing I keep hearing about?
  8. The single tip that made me a better programmer
  9. Part 2: Overcome the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  10. Measuring software engineering competency
  11. Object Oriented Tricks: #2 Law of Demeter
  12. Let’s Define Exactly What Atomic CSS is
  13. Temporal coupling and Immutability
  14. Tips for Fixing Open Source Bugs
  15. Debugging Tips and Tricks
  16. An exercise in CSS masonry
  17. ReactXP — First Look
  18. TypeScript at Slack
  19. Following the Path
  20. React v15.5.0