Weekly Links #55

Top 20 Links For 10-16/3

Highlighted articles from this week:

  1. Example for using CSS Grid(if it doesn’t work then you need to upgrade your browser)
  2. Introducing “React loadable”- a library for asynchronous loading of components
  3. Explanation about “git reset” action and its options
  4. Description of new features in Visual Studio 2017
  5. Meaning of the term “Referential Tramsparency”
  6. The basics of JavaScript’s Array.reduce method

The full list:

  1. JavaScript Patterns — Wrangling arrays like a boss, with Array#reduce
  2. Learning AI If You Suck at Math — P6 — Math Notation Made Easy!
  3. Introducing Quokka — The Live Scratchpad for JavaScript
  4. Warning: This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Talent Planning
  5. The Express.js Route to Success | express.js router
  6. CSS Grid VS Flexbox: A Practical Comparison
  7. How to do Simple Form Validation in #Reactjs
  8. Faster Rails: How to Check if a Record Exists
  9. How to Get Your Teams to Estimate Better
  10. Favorite features in Visual Studio 2017
  11. 3 JavaScript Fallacies You Might Believe
  12. What Is Referential Transparency?
  13. Error handling: Exception or Result?
  14. Internationalizing an Android app
  15. Getting Started with CSS Grid
  16. Introducing React Loadable
  17. Fetching data from the server
  18. How Does Git Reset Work?
  19. Better CSS with JavaScript
  20. Visual Studio 2017 Poster