Weekly Links #54

Top 20 Links For 3-9/3

Highlighted articles from this week:

  1. Passing a function instead of an object on React’s setState
  2. Explanation of React Router by building a “mini” version
  3. What is a senior developer and how to become one?
  4. Why and how to be a confident programmer?
  5. Examples for using ES6’s Proxy
  6. Introduction to webhooks

The full list:

  1. How to make your React app fully functional, fully reactive, and able to handle all those crazy side effects
  2. A Top Shelf Web Stack—Rails 5 API + ActiveAdmin + Create React App
  3. Visual Studio 2017: Productivity, Performance, and Partners
  4. Your Company’s Culture is Who You Hire, Fire, and Promote
  5. The Developer’s Edge: How To Become A Senior Developer
  6. Towards Minimal, Idiomatic, and Performant Ruby Code
  7. What It Means to Care Personally About Your Team
  8. Functional Programming (FP) By Any Other Name…
  9. How to Onboard Your Newly-Hired Developers
  10. The 80/20 Guide to Async/Await in Node.js
  11. Functional setState is the future of React
  12. Confident Programmer Secrets, Revealed
  13. A Programmer’s Introduction to Unicode
  14. ES6 Features – 10 Use Cases for Proxy
  15. On false negatives and false positives
  16. How I’m learning “Machine Learning”
  17. A Basic Introduction to Webhooks
  18. Build your own React Router v4
  19. On exceeding capacity
  20. Extension Packs