Weekly Links #53

Top 20 Links For 24/2-2/3

Highlighted articles from this week:

  1. Good resources for learning CSS grid
  2. Options for personalizing your Mac
  3. How to approach legacy code
  4. Interesting JavaScript books
  5. Useful patterns in React
  6. Handling forms in React

The full list:

  1. Client-side vs. server-side rendering: why it’s not all black and white
  2. How to Customise Your Mac: 15+ Cool Ways to Do It Quickly
  3. The Software Engineer’s Essential Time Estimation Guide
  4. What is JSON? An Introduction and Guide for Beginners
  5. Your First App using React with Express and MongoDB
  6. Low effort, high value. Integration tests in Redux apps.
  7. Visual Studio Code: the editor I didn’t think I needed
  8. React Quickly: How to Work with Forms in React
  9. Making the most of the Chrome Developer Tools
  10. The Right Attitude to Deal with Legacy Code
  11. Asynchronous vs Deferred JavaScript
  12. Level-up your dependencies in React
  13. Learning to Code? You Have to Care
  14. Type dependency in Java, Part 1
  15. Best JavaScript books in 2017
  16. Small Diffs and Code Reviews
  17. The mythical 10x programmer
  18. 10 React mini-patterns
  19. Continuous Refactoring
  20. Learn CSS Grid