Weekly Links #51

Top 20 Links For 10-16/2

This week, there are many articles about  vanilla JavaScript –  closure meaning, functional programming in JavaScript,  the Map data structure, and array methods. More interesting posts are about configuring Webpack, drawbacks and advantages of Context in React,  and creating headers in CSS that are not rectangular.

  1. What is the right way to do asynchronous operations in Redux?
  2. The Advanced Git Guide: Git Stash, Reset, Rebase, and More
  3. Building React Components for Multiple Brands and Applications
  4. 3 Reasons You Need to Seek Feedback in Your Agile Process
  5. 25 Android libraries you definitely want to try out in early 2017
  6. Top 11 JavaScript Libraries That Are Worth Your Attention
  7. What’s a JavaScript closure? In plain English, please.
  8. Glossary of Modern JavaScript Concepts: Part 1
  9. From zero to webpack, one error at the time
  10. 5 Features to Watch in Visual Studio 2017
  11. What You Should Know About ES6 Maps
  12. Creating Non-Rectangular Headers
  13. Habits that Pay Off for Programmers
  14. CSS and progressive enhancement
  15. Context in ReactJS Applications
  16. Dissecting Twitter’s Redux Store
  17. React Studio Public Beta 2
  18. JavaScript Without Loops
  19. Gems and Bundler
  20. MVC and Rails