Weekly Links #50

Top 20 Links For 3-9/2

On this 50th edition of weekly links, there are 2 inspiring stories about creative projects –  one about analyzing Trump’s tweets in order to find out companies we should invest in, and the second  sends you an email when you need to take an umbrella with you .  In addition, there are many useful React articles about reuse, testing, React Native and reconciliation. Also, there are 2 posts about VS Code which is a cool editor which I try out now.

  1. Live edit and debug your React apps directly from VS Code — without leaving the editor
  2. Do I Need an Umbrella Today? Google Sheets and JavaScript to the Rescue!
  3. Essential Guide For Designing Your Android App Architecture: MVP: Part 1
  4. This Machine Turns Trump Tweets into Planned Parenthood Donations
  5. Why Webpack 2’s Tree Shaking is not as effective as you think
  6. An Awesome List of Awesome Lists for Node.js Developers
  7. How to Achieve Reusability with React Components
  8. The Right Way to Test React Components
  9. When to Define Action Creators in Redux
  10. 4 Top Tips for Developing a New Feature
  11. GoF Design Patterns Using Java (Part 2)
  12. 6 Key Lessons for Every New Manager
  13. Learning React-native in the right way
  14. Using Redux DevTools in production
  15. Why won’t you answer my question?
  16. Java Thread Class in Five Minutes
  17. The Psychology of Programming
  18. Visual Studio Code Condensed
  19. Code Smells in CSS Revisited
  20. React Reconciliation