Happy Anniversary

Tomorrow I will publish the 50th post of “Links of the week”, and it will be also exactly a year since I published my first post.

Personally, I had a significant year when I changed my workplace, and became familiar with web development.

During this year, I learned many languages / technologies / frameworks / tools / concepts that most of them were totally new for me:

JavaScript, CSS, React, Redux, Functional Programming, GIT, NPM, Sublime text, OS X,  and there are more.

It was challenging to learn all these things together. I must thank my colleagues(and my brain…) that helped me to get quickly into business.

One major aspect for my rapid development, was reading blogs and being updated with new stuff and what the experts say.

Learning new technologies by your work code base / courses for beginners, is great for start, but you cannot give much added value this way. You will only know what your friends know or less. Reading blogs and listening to podcasts, is definitely making you a better professional.

I don’t read blogs because I have to, or I want to prove something to anyone.

I read blogs because I have a passion for what I am doing.

I read blogs because it makes me smarter.

I read blogs because I want to constantly improve.


KDY(Keep Develop Yourself),