Weekly Links #49

Top 20 Links For 27/1-2/2

On this weekly list, there are articles with a lot of resources for web developers, android developers and designers. Moreover, webpack 2 is out and brings new interesting features, and Airbnb introduces a new animation library named Lottie. On the soft skills area, there is a post about why we should not use the term “soft skills”… and more posts about 1:1 meetings and time management.

  1. Learn To Code In 2017, Get Hired, And Have Fun Along The Way
  2. How Flexbox works — explained with big, colorful, animated gifs
  3. 10 tools which will boost your Android productivity and hype
  4. Free Essential eBooks for Web Designers & Web Developers
  5. The 12 Best Android Tutorials for First-Time App Developers
  6. How to radically improve your website performance (Part 2)
  7. You’ve Been Thinking About Time Management all Wrong
  8. Keep Calm and Hide Your Code: Code Encapsulation
  9. Our Best Practices for Writing React Components
  10. A Guide to npm: The Node.js Package Manager
  11. 9 Fantastic Utilities for the Node.js Developer
  12. How we’re using Component Based Design
  13. Fall in love with CSS, with these features!!
  14. Getting to Grips with ES6: Destructuring
  15. How to run 1:1 meetings that work for 2
  16. 6 Great Uses of the Spread Operator
  17. A deep dive into children in React
  18. Let’s stop calling them ‘soft skills’
  19. webpack 2 and beyond
  20. Introducing Lottie