Weekly Links #48

Top 20 Links For 20-26/1

  1. Effective Functional JavaScript: First-class and Higher Order Functions
  2. If You Do These Things Every Day, You’ll Become Smarter
  3. JavaScript’s Prototypal Inheritance Explained Using CSS
  4. Optimizing the Performance of Your React Application
  5. Functional Programming in Java 8 (Part 0): Motivation
  6. JavaScript Array Methods: Mutating vs. Non-Mutating
  7. Practical Redux, Part 8: Form Draft Data Management
  8. Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Promise?
  9. Refactoring React – Extracting Layout Components
  10. Multi-threading in C#: Back to Basics (Part 1 of N)
  11. Webpack Tutorial: Understanding How it Works
  12. A better way to interview software engineers
  13. Finding your way from maker to manager
  14. A 5-minute Intro to Styled Components
  15. Testing React Applications with Jest
  16. Role based authorization in React
  17. 6 Tips for Taking Feedback Well
  18. CSS Selectors: Pseudo-elements
  19. Handling Events in React 101
  20. React 15.5 and 16 Umbrella