Weekly Links #7

Top Links For 18-24/3:

  1. A fascinating series  of Christian Specht about making backups. The link is only for the last article in the trilogy, where he describes how he makes backups for his family(computer files, phone images, emails), but you can also go from there to the previous articles, where he describes how to make backups for himself. I recommend to enter the links that he gives through the series.
  2. One of the fundamental principles of object-oriented is inheritance. Here is an unconventional post of Lionel Barrow about why inheritance is bad. Lately I experienced  with a code where inheritance seems to be an obvious decision. Later, this inheritance causes me to make many adjustments to the whole hierarchy, so it was inevitable to break this tree and do a refactor.
  3. Here are some general thoughts about testing and coding style, written by Sam Koblenski. It is very nice to see how his experience  on programming has affected him – understanding the importance of testing and  his preferences on code conventions and naming.
  4. Coding is just one step in evolving a new product. Khalid Abuhakmeh suggests, that developers should be involved not only with the code development, but be involved as much as possible during all the stages in the product development process.
  5. Developers can have some special physical and mental issues due to their way of life. Here are some advice from Chris Chinchilla, about physical and mental health for developers.
  6. Here are some good short tips for architects/tech leads, by Patrick Kua.

More Quick Refs:

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  4. How Android Debugging Works
  5. 14 New Extensions for Visual Studio 2015
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