Weekly Links #5

Top Links For 4-10/3:

  1. Review of code is an integral part on software development life cycle(SDLC). The role of the reviewer is crucial and a gode review can save a lot of time and money on the future. Here are some great advises for how to approach a code review, by Michael Sorens. There are some tips about checking SOLID principles, and a lot about other things that need to be remembered during a code review.
  2. Here is a living example of how to improve a codeRadosław Sadowski gives a bad code on purpose, and makes a lot of steps for making it better. The points which were covered on the last post about code review, get here some examples and ways to solve the mentioned issues. 
  3. “Keep it simple, stupid”(KISS) is a well-known design principle. Here are two articles from the last week about this subject. The first one, written by Todd Hoff, makes the connection between KISS and teamwork, by making analogy to the current best NBA team – Golden State Warriors. The second one, from ikura’s blog, makes emphasis on making the code simple. I assume that most of you wrote or read code which does a lot of stuff in one line. As impressive as it is, this code is hard to read, understand, and maintain, and should be avoided. Nothing bad will happen if the code will takes 2-3 lines instead one line, but a lot more readable.
  4. Did you ever write a null check, even when you were sure that the checked parameter cannot be null? This article. written by  Jakub Holý, discourages making of redundant checks on your code.
  5. Are you making a daily stand-up? Here is a comprehensive article, written by Jason Yip(on February, but edited on last week), which deals with many aspects of a stand-up meeting: purpose, what we talk about, where and when, and a lot of other characteristics of stand-up meetings.
  6. A very interesting article by Li Haoyi about build tools – use cases, features and comparison between popular build tools.
  7. Localization is an important aspect for a product which is designated for customers from various countries. This article by Brian McConnell suggests some localization tips.

More Quick Refs:

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