Weekly Links #3

Top Links For 19-25/2:

  1. SOLID principles have a huge importance on code quality. The following article makes SOLID principles clear, by giving an example for each principle. Those examples are not code examples, but real-life examples, which make this post unique.
  2. Time is money, so the speed of delivering products is very important. This comprehensive article offers some tips for managers how to increase the productivity of their team. There are many ideas which I identify with. For example, focusing only on the most important stuff,  breaking huge tasks into small ones, and sticking to a clear decision-making process.
  3. I have some experience on pair programming, both as a developer and as a manager, and I like it a lot. But as most stuff, pair programming has pros and cons. I agree that the success of this methodology depends a lot on the personality of the involved people – if the get along, don’t come with ego and love to share their knowledge, the quality of the task will be better and the pair can learn a lot from each other during the process.
  4. The following post contains some tips for novice programmers. However, I believe those ideas can be relevant for all programmers. For example, continuous learning and spending time on side projects are very recommended for programmers on any level.
  5. The subject of this post is the clash between our likeability and standing up for what we believe in. There are many cases of disagreements between you and a colleague. I believe that we should choose our fights for the important things for us or for the company. Also, when there is something that we want to fight for, it should be done on a wise way and we should not let our emotions to spread out.
  6. For the job seekers between us, here are some questions to ask your interviewers and also tips for negotiating a job offer.
  7. This excellent article deals with the anti-pattern of partially initialized entities. It explains well the problems it may cause, and how to handle situations when we don’t want to make a full initialization due to performance issues.

More Quick Refs:

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