Weekly Links #2

Top Links For 12-18/2:

  1. The following article of Ricardo Peres, gives a solution for a simple task – how to get the default values of  value types , on C#.  The great thing here, is that he gives 8 different ways how to complete this task, and also compares between their performance. You can get aspired from this amazing work and also learn some advanced features of C#.
  2.  As most stuff, also code is getting older. Two posts from this week are dealing with this issue. The first one describes old code in general while the second one describes how to write code that is easy to delete.
  3. This little abstract post, talks about definition of developers – Is the term “coders” accurate? I recently talked with some people who believe that the developers are coders which are usually  writing code which is pretty straight forward from the requirements. It can be true on some specific basic tasks, but in general, the code is a result of learning the requirements,  choosing the right technology for the solution, thinking and implementing tests, designing the code structure and more. So in my opinion, developers are not only “coders” and “engineers” is a more suitable term.
  4. This short but important post about the value of team work. I agree that “team player” is a vital characteristic of developers. Good software engineers can be developed to be great software engineers as a result of the positive atmosphere in their work place. Great software engineers which act as individuals, are slowing down their team mates and themselves and the production of the team will be much less than its potential.
  5. One important aspect for team leaders, is their relationship with their employees. It can have a huge impact on the motivation of the employees and on their achievements as a result. This link gives some useful relationship tips for managers.
  6. Very comprehensive source for extensions and NuGet packages for Visual Studio.
  7. Designer links- many good sources and extensions for chrome.
  8. Web developer links – a great bunch of resources and interesting APIs.

More Quick Refs:

  1. Functional Languages
  2. Compiler Warnings – Treat Them Right
  3. Code Reviews – What Really Matters
  4. Email Management Tips
  5. Code Generation
  6. What Developers Want From Their Technology
  7. You should Be Tech Agnostic
  8. Check Your Automated Checks