Weekly Links #1


Top Links For 5-11/2:

  1. Inspiring article about Error Handling by Joe Duffy, which mainly talks about ways of modeling errors.
  2. More design patterns: Specification Pattern and Mutation Testing.
  3. Career development: Ways To Choose Direction In Life, and more specific, How To Grow Your Technical Career.
  4. Development methodologies: Scrum In Large TeamsBehavior Driven Development and TDD.
  5. New versions for Android Studio(Beta), Angular, and Node.js.
  6. In this manner, you can check the proposed features for C# 7 by this excellent Tutorial which was written by Josh Varty.
  7. Mobile app design: keep in mind the following 5 Mobile UX Design Mistakes, and also some great tips about What You Should Do.

More Quick Refs:

  1. Code Commenting Patterns
  2. Null Is The Worst Mistake
  3. Visual Studio Tips
  4. Data Mocking
  5. Hacking An Insecure Login Form
  6. String Builders And Smart Compilers
  7. Stop Blaming Lazy Developers For Language Flaws